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Sustainability is important to us

Sustainability at Nordiska: For a greener future

As a financial institution, we have a responsibility to conduct our business responsibly to contribute to a sustainable development of our society.

Therefore, the sustainability perspective is integrated into everything we do, and we measure it from environmental, social, and governance perspectives.

The society's transition towards a greener future 

To achieve common global sustainability goals, all individuals and organizations need to transition to sustainable behaviors. Each individual and organization has a unique role to play in this transition. Individuals can make a difference by adopting sustainable lifestyles and raising awareness about environmental issues. Organizations can integrate sustainability into their business models and strategies.

As a financial institution, it is Nordiska's duty to conduct responsible business and contribute to the sustainable development of society. Nordiska is a dynamic player that, with innovative technology and high competence, plays a key role in enabling business and financial development. Our commitment to sustainability is rooted in our values and business strategies. By integrating sustainability goals into our operational plans and products, Nordiska actively contributes to a sustainable future. Sustainability permeates everything we do, and we evaluate our performance from environmental, social, and governance perspectives. We are proud to be a catalyst for change and innovation.

Nordiska's Green Savings Account 🍀 

Nordiska Flex Green is a flexible savings account where you, as a customer, contribute to a more sustainable and just world. The funds in Flex Green are earmarked for lending in accordance with the UN's 17 global goals. We aim to lend out at least 70% to sustainable initiatives, primarily within UN's global goal number 7: Sustainable energy for all. You can read more about the UN's global goals here: Global Goals - For Sustainable Development. 

Examples of Nordiska's green initiatives include: 

  • Financing solar panels 
  • Optimization of sustainable energy storage through financing of battery technology
  • Financing newly built properties with energy ratings A, B, or C 

Flex Green is a step towards a more sustainable future. To reflect Nordiska's commitment to sustainability, we offer lower pricing on Nordiska's green lending, which finances sustainable investments. The interest rate on Flex Green is therefore lower than on savings products that are not earmarked for Green lending. In this way, both you and we at Nordiska contribute to a greener future. 

Nordiska is not just a financial institution; we are a partner in the transition to a sustainable society and continue to seek new ways to integrate sustainability into everything we do.

Towards a Greener Future: Nordiska's Sustainability Goals and Initiatives

Nordiska adopts an integrated approach to our sustainability efforts, where ESG criteria (Environmental, Social, and Governance) form the cornerstones. Within this framework, Nordiska actively works with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the 10 principles of the UN's Global Compact.


ESG, standing for Environment, Social, and Governance, provides a framework for assessing the environmental, social, and governance aspects of a company's operations. Nordiska integrates these perspectives into its operations, which includes considering environmental and social risks in credit assessments and maintaining an effective reporting culture characterized by transparency and proactivity.

UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals 

The UN's global goals, also known as Agenda 2030 or the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, constitute a universal call to action to eradicate poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people can live in peace and prosperity. These goals have been developed to address the most pressing challenges facing humanity and our planet, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace, and justice. 

UN's Global Compact 

To further strengthen the commitment to sustainability, Nordiska has signed the UN's Global Compact, thereby committing to adhere to its ten principles of responsible business conduct. These principles cover areas such as human rights, labor standards, environmental protection, and anti-corruption, all of which contribute to achieving global sustainability goals. 

By integrating ESG goals and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals into its business strategy and daily operations, Nordiska demonstrates its commitment to a sustainable future and takes active responsibility for contributing to a more sustainable and just world. Learn more about the ten principles here: UN Global Compact.