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Sustainability is important to us


As a credit institution, we not only have the desire but also an obligation to conduct responsible business to contribute to the sustainable development of our society. This sustainability perspective is therefore fully integrated into our way of working and everything we do and measure, we also do from environmental, social and corporate governance perspectives.

We consider ESG objectives

The three perspectives come from the so-called ESG goals (Environment, Social and Governance) and are used both in Sweden and internationally to structure and clarify the sustainability work of various entities.

The environmental perspective relates to the impact on the environment and climate to counter global warming, while the social aspect is about taking into account issues related to social responsibility, such as human rights and labour rights. The corporate governance perspective includes governance issues concerning shareholders' rights and accountability for senior executives.

Focus areas for Nordiska's sustainability work

Sustainable lending

We consider ESG objectives in our lending and credit assessment, inter alia, in accordance with the guidelines of the European Banking Authority (EBA). Sustainability in our lending means, among other things, that we identify, as applicable, sound lending as well as climate-related and environmental risks in each commitment.


Through our internal processes, we work actively to try to prevent corruption and other crimes. We maintain good customer knowledge and ensure an effective reporting culture characterised by transparency and proactivity.

Diversity and gender equality

We see that having a diverse workforce is advantageous for Nordiska. Employees who come from different backgrounds add further perspectives and contribute with new angles and analyses thus positively contributing to Nordiska's success.

It is therefore a matter of course that everyone who works or has assignments within Nordiska - regardless of ethnicity, gender, belief, age, sexual orientation or disability - must have equal conditions when it comes to the selection and appointment of Board members, leading executives and other roles within Nordiska.

We also work to ensure that working conditionsare designed in an equal manner and enable our employees to combine work with privacy and parenthood.

Voluntary agreements UN Global Compact


FN:s Global Compact

Nordiska has signed the UN Sustainability Initiative Global Compact. This means that we commit ourselves to following their ten principles of responsible business. The principles, which are divided into the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption, aim to contribute to achieving the global sustainability goals.

An example of how we translate the principles of sustainability into practical documents is how we work in accordance with the Anti Money Laundering Act to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. We also encourage our employees to travel environmentally smart and reduce paper consumption. Small steps but which together are necessary for us all to contribute to achieving the sustainability goals.

Read more about the ten principles on the UN Global Compact website (only in Swedish).


We are proud gold supporters of the children's rights organisation BRIS, which works for a better society for children.

Read more at (only in Swedish).