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Nordiska's organisation


The Annual General Meeting is Nordiska's highest decision-making body and appoints the Board. The Board, in turn, appoints the CEO who is responsible for the day-to-day operational activities. The business is divided into six functions and in addition to these, there are functions for internal audit, compliance with regulations and risk control to ensure that everything works as it should.

The Annual General Meeting is Nordiska's highest decision-making body. At the Annual General Meeting, all shareholders are given the opportunity to exercise the influence that their respective shareholdings represent. Rules governing the Annual General Meeting, and what is to be dealt with at this meeting, can be found in the Swedish Companies Act and the Articles of Association.

The Annual General Meeting, inter alias, appoints Board members and external auditors, approves annual reports, adopts articles of association, decides on dispositions regarding Nordiska's profit or loss, decides on discharge from liability for the Board and the CEO and determines fees for the Board and external auditors.

The Board appoints the Chairman of the Board (unless the Annual General Meeting appoints the Chairman) as well as the CEO. The Board are responsible for ensuring that Nordiska has functions for internal audit, regulatory compliance and risk control. The Board reports to the Annual General Meeting. The function for compliance and the function for risk control are subordinate to the CEO and are reported to the CEO and Board in accordance with Nordiska's adopted policies.

The function for internal audit is subordinate to the Board and reports to the CEO and Board in accordance with Nordiska's adopted policies.

The CEO's work is mainly regulated in the Swedish Companies Act and in the Board's instructions adopted by the Board, as well as Nordiska's established policies. The CEO is responsible for ensuring that internal control functions satisfactorily in day-to-day operational activities. The CEO reports to the Board on an ongoing basis.

Other functions within Nordiska report directly to the CEO and are divided as follows:

  • Corporate Law
  • Operations
  • Credit
  • Economics and finance
  • Market and sales
  • Business development and IT

These are led by a Function Manager.

Nordiska's organisation


Nordiska Kreditmarknadsbolaget has a wholly owned subsidiary, Nordiska Financial Technology AB (corporate identity number 559080-4570).

Nordiska Financial Technology is a company that operates in digital business development and conducts system and application development as well as programming in the financial sector.