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This is how Nordiska is governed

Corporate governance

Nordiska Kreditmarknadsaktiebolaget is a Swedish public limited company that is not listed on the stock exchange. Our operations are regulated by both legislation and our internal regulations, and our highest decision-making body is the Annual General Meeting.

Nordic is subject to both external and its own internal control systems

Externally through obligations that mainly follow from the Act (2004: 297) on banking and financing operations and other statutes, EU legislation, ordinances, regulations from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and other authorities as well as relevant recommendations from the European Banking Authority (EBA).

Internally through the Articles of Association, the Board's rules of procedure, policies, instructions and routine descriptions.



The Annual General Meeting is Nordiska's highest decision-making body and appoints the Board. The Board, in turn, appoints the CEO who is responsible for the day-to-day operational activities.

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The Board has the overall responsibility for Nordiska's operations and organisation, and its main task is to safeguard the interests of the shareholders and the company.

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The company management is responsible for running Nordiska's daily operations based on business goals, values, business plan, internal regulations and decisions made.

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Risk management and internal control with our three lines of defence

The Board has the ultimate responsibility for limiting and monitoring risk exposure within Nordiska. In order for us to have an effective organisation with clear roles and areas of responsibility within risk management and internal control, we follow the principle of three lines of defence.

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Remuneration policy

Our remuneration policy governs the handling of variable remuneration to employees. The remuneration policy contributes to sound and efficient risk management and counteracts employees taking excessive risks. This is good both for you as a customer and for us as a company.

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