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Sivonne Wahlsten

CFO, Stockholm
Position since: 2019
Background: Before Nordiska, my most recent employment was at SevenDay Bank where I worked as CFO. Prior to that, I worked at Marginalen Bank as Chief Financial Officer. I have also worked at Citibank and Deloitte.

Tell us about your role and what a working day can look like? My role includes everything from business management, accounting, taxes, HR, finance, capital planning to budgeting and reporting. An ordinary day can start with a review of liquidity and an assessment of interest rate adjustment needs, and then on to analysis of financial statements and preparing business reports. On another day, I could sit in a meeting to discuss a new product or partner and then simulate the capital situation for the coming months and then finish the day by posting employment contracts and benefits for new employees.

What's best about your job?
That it is so varied, that a lot of things happen all the time and that there is so much expertise within the company. And most important of all are my colleagues who are so incredibly positive, competent and driven. I am never bored, there are always things to get stuck into and importantly, I have fun along the way.

What qualities do you think are most important for success in your role?
I believe that my skillset, analytical ability, drive and ability to take on responsibility are important qualities in my role. Plus, I am a helpful, happy and pleasant person who can lead us forward while also contributing to the good workplace atmosphere we have within Nordiska.

What do you think distinguishes Nordiska as an employer?
Nordiska does not do the same things as everyone else. We have a business model and technical solutions that differ from our competitors. Nordiska invests in their staff and provides them with the opportunity to take on a great deal of responsibility, which we are expected to manage within our everyday lives. At Nordiska, we work not only in departments but also between departments, which means that our competencies are broadened and our choice of career paths within the company increases.